NAME: Hana Sculpher
NATIONALITY: British-Dutch
DATE OF BIRTH: 21-12-1980
PLACE OF BIRTH: Amsterdam, Holland
HEIGHT: 176 cm
EYE COLOR: blue-green
HAIR COLOR: blonde
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: travel, Japanese culture&language, movies, fitness, aerobics, soccer, scuba-diving, salsa, boxing, (table) tennis. 
STUDY: Psychology
PROFESSION: English and Dutch teacher, bartender & hairmodel
TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Joshibi High School, Konami, Toyo University, private lessons, Lighthouse!
ALLERGY: playboys
FIRST LOVE: 20 years old
FETTISH: Japanese-English accent & handsome Japanese men in suit ;-) 
HERO: Oprah Winfrey
CHILDHOOD HERO: Pippi Longstocking

* food: sushi & chocolate
* drink: coffee & Duchess de Bourgogne
* color: pink & blue
* smell: coffee beans & cinnamon
* fruit: banana & pineapple 
* number: 2
* movie(s): TOP 20! Lolita, Evita, American Beauty, La Vita e Bella, Thelma&Louise, One Flew over the Cuckoo`s Nest, What`s Eating Gilbert Grape, Lost Paradise (失楽園), Shawshank Redemption, Eyes Wide Shut, Big Blue, Sweet November, Tina What`s Love Got To Do With It, Heavenly Creatures, The Shining, Dances with Wolves, Forrest Gump, Rabbit Proof Fence, Amelie, Little Miss Sunshine. 
* singer: Elvis Presley
* city: Tokyo & Amsterdam
* English word: okiedokie
* Japanese word: ishindenshin (以心伝心)
* season: spring & autumn
* perfume: Ralph Lauren & Kenzo
* actor: Yakusho Koji (役所広司)
* actress: Kate Winslet
* director: Adrian Lyne
* painter: Jack Vettriano
* flower: rose
* sport: fitness and tennis
* author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
* book: Love in the Time of Cholera
* animal: shark & horse
* tv drama: Six Feet Under
* show: `O` (Cirque du Soleil)
* song: Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman (by Bryan Adams)

MISCELLANEOUS FACT: likes Enka & Matsuyama Chiharu
MOTTO: `you only live once` & `一期一会` (treasure every meeting as if it were the last one)
FUTURE GOAL: to give the `Lighthouse-experience` to as many people as possible!!!
And of course.....to meet Yakusho Koji again!!! ;-)

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nice blog,,tanyou fery much...
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